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|Holistic hands-on skills center, right at the Centre of the earth…..

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It is amazing how God blesses us; some times we don’t even notice it! Just like the Lugbara
saying that goes, “God gives meat to those without teeth, “so has Africa held this gem of a
hands-on skill center without even knowing it…right at the Equator; Kayabwe-Masaka road,
stands Mildi Africa Institute. A holistic ground that has tasted nine years, equipping random
men and women with various abilities that have turned them into a self-sustaining
population. Dependent teenagers that have passed by have come out as in dependent young
adults. Wretched adults that have paid a visit have returned home a sufficient citizens and
people of state-importance. It is the place where people change the attitude! The place
where optimistic beings turn simple talents into forever burning skills, in extinguishable! The
Institute has produced top notch hairdressers, out-of-this-world fashion designers,
intelligent computers scientists, to mention but a few. This has all been initiated by the first
class instructors in place and the ideal infrastructure that accommodates even those with
disabilities. The Institute provides hostel facilities for both genders to those that cannot
commute which are inclusive of a three-meal feeding arrangement on a daily basis. The
Institute also offers both full time and part time programs as well as short courses and
holiday courses. What are you waiting for? Pay Mildi Africa Institute a visit to day and
discover yourself…please remember that September, 2022 intake is ongoing.

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