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Mildi Age Defiance lotion

Mildi Age Defiance lotion is formulated to protect your skin against UV exposure, pimples, and black spots. Restores lost essential oils, protects against abnormal sweating & skin irritations Enabling normal color and consistency hence keeping your skin stunning all day long.

Available in 200ml & 120ml

Mildi For Men Body Lotion

Men need to moisturize their arms, leg,s and whole body, this lotion goes beyond that to relieve stress indeed with its anti-aging substances, the lotion is quickly absorbed by the skin with absolutely no greasiness

Available in 200ml & 120mls

Mildi Fragrant Shower Gel

Mildi shower gel is formulated with fresh floral infusions like cucumber & first grade essential oil. To clean your skin & impact your mood positively such that you feel relaxed, comforted, & refreshed again.  Available in 1Ltr, 500ml,200ml

Mildi Baby Cast Petroleum Jelly

This is a medicated Jelly meant for infants aged 6 months to 12 years to fight fungal infections, nourish, and keep the infants’ skin safe all day long. Made with extreme care to moisturize your baby’s skin & prevent nappy rash


Mildi Baby Lotion

This Pure deep penetrating moisturizer contains light mineral oil to hydrate thereby protecting the baby’s skin against environmental stressors & related conditions
Available in 120, 250ml.

Mildi hair fertilizing Gel

Repairs split ends and plasticizes the cuticle layer surrounding each hair strand with thin protein film and vitamins to protect hair against heat appliances, fertilizing Gel is a multifaceted protein-based complex that acts on all of the three fundamental parameters of hair strength: that is’- tensile properties, bending modulus, and cuticle abrasion  Available in 120, 250ml.


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