Sales Executives

Deadline: 2023-10-04

Job Description

MILDI AFRICA is looking for reliable sales executives to conduct sales & marketing activities in Uganda.
Applicants must possess adequate skills to secure efficiency and compliance to MILDI AFRICA policies.

Applications should be sent to [email protected]
Deadline is 4th October 2023


Job Duties and Responsibilities

Responsibilities Include;-
• Riding & selling of Skin & Hair Care Products using a Motorcycle.
• Collecting of clientele Contacts & their orders.
• Managing credit & collections.
• Supporting Daily sales Report Balancing & Record keeping procedure
• Safeguarding & maintenance of the Motorcycle.
• Preparing field findings like, comments, complaints & Challenges as Required


1. Uce/Uace Certificate of Education OR its Equivalent.
2. A minimum of one year Experience In motorcycle
4. Outstanding communication and interpersonal abilities
5. Excellent organizational skills
6. Familiarity with basic accounting skills
7. Enough skills in Safeguarding & maintenance of the Motorcycle.
8. Excellent knowledge On Record keeping
Qualification in computer basic studies will be an added advantage.

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